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We'll help you build a technology roadmap that gets from point A to B


Technology planning is the process of examining the current technological state of your business, determining where you would like to be, and how to get there. This planning can range from determining future technology-related purchases, identifying pain points and proposing solutions, outlining social media goals, and more.

A technology plan is not a solid, rigorous document, but rather, one that adapts to the changing needs of your business in light of a diverse and growing market.


A technology plan helps your business more easily and more readily adapt to rapid technological change. It allows your business to be more focused on business-related activities rather than simply maintaining your business’s technology. A technology plan is essentially a battle plan or business plan that can guide the future of your company as it relates to technology.

Aside from preparing your business, a technology plan has several other concrete benefits.

Concrete Benefits

A technology plan allows you to:

  • Use technology more effectively to better advance your mission
  • Buy the right equipment that meets your needs
  • Avoid unnecessary costs associated with buying the wrong items or failing to maintain others
  • Avoid crises by building a robust system
  • Increase efficiency by giving your staff the tools they need to do their jobs most efficiently
  • Protect yourself from staff turnover by having an established system in place to do with such events

Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.

~Bill Gates

To facilitate our consultation with you, there are several steps that we take to simplify the process:


We would highly recommend Jeremiah Benes, and his company, One of a Kind Solutions, to anyone who is creating a website for their organization or company. He is extremely knowledgeable in technology and available resources as it relates not only to website design, but also computer programming in general.

Brian and Barbara Lamb, Replenish

Jeremiah has been a vital part of our transition into up-to-date technology, here at J. L. Matthews Co., Inc. Jeremiah is easy to work with and lends a helping hand at all tasks needed.

Jennifer Matthews, J.L. Matthews Co.

I have been working with Jeremiah for several years now and rely on him to support not only my website and e-mail, but all the other technical aspects of my consulting practice. I cannot think of a single reason not to whole heartedly endorse Jeremiah and his work.

Ron Pyke, Ronald Pyke CPA

Working with Jeremiah was amazing! He made the process of building our site easy and painless. If we ever have any issues we know we can ask him anything!

Kelsey Kincaid, The Campbell Hotel

Love your technology.

We want you help you realize the potential benefits that technology has for your business and how you can effectively harness technology to improve the day-to-day operations of your business.