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Is your business-critical information safe from disaster?

Computer crash, hard drives fail, disasters strike, and things go wrong. Ensure that your business is safe from misfortune with disaster recovery and computer backup.

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Pursue your passion.
We'll protect it.

With managed file and database backup for consumers
and businesses alike, your hard work is safe. Do what you
love without worry; we've got you covered.


Automatic Backup

You’ll never have to remember to back up again. Carbonite will automatically back up new files or changes to existing files, whenever a computer is connected to the Internet.

No Hardware Required

Don’t worry about purchasing or managing backup equipment. Carbonite is 100% software based. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and Carbonite can begin backing up your important business files.

Continual Backup

Carbonite eliminates the potentially costly backup gaps that are created by backing up only daily or weekly. It runs continually in the background, backing up files while you work, so you can be confident your backup will be up-to-date.

HIPAA Compliance

As a Business Associate, Carbonite supports your compliance with HIPAA regulations. Get in touch with us today and we’d be happy to discuss your specific needs.

Secure File Encryption

Carbonite encrypts your data before it leaves your computer and then transmits it to our data centers using SSL—the same security technology that is used for online banking—to ensure your business and customer data is protected. Your data remains encrypted on our secure servers, so you can relax, knowing your backup is safe.

Offsite Storage

Offsite backup protects your data from accidental spills, theft, fire and other mishaps. Your encrypted data is stored at our guarded, temperature controlled data centers, with onsite emergency backup generators and uninterruptible power supplies.

Business-Level Support

Have a question about your account or need help? The One of a Kind Solutions and Carbonite staff are here to help. Contact one of our US-based customer support representatives by email, chat or phone (877-222-5488) 7 days a week, from 8:30 a.m. – 12 a.m. EST.

Easy Access & Restore

Whether you accidentally deleted a single file, or lost all your files to a hard drive crash, Carbonite makes it easy to get your files back when you need them. Plus, with Carbonite you’ll get Anytime, Anywhere Access to the files in your backup from any computer with an internet connection, or even from most smartphones with a free app.

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files backed up per day
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than other backup solutions

Carbonite has given everyone at Christ Lutheran Church peace of mind. Whether an important file is deleted or if a computer crashes, Carbonite's reliable backup system is here to cover our backs. We've used it before, and we're more than thankful for the safety net it provides.

Chris Sawin, Christ Lutheran Church

Coming soon.

Bruce Benes, B2B CFO