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Why Get Online

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Do you know that 91 percent of consumers look online for local goods and services? And 56 percent do not trust a business without a website? As a small business owner in today’s Web-reliant world, creating an “online presence” is essential to the overall success of…

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Getting Started on Social Media: Google+ (5 of 5)

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Google+ provides users with an experience that is similar to that of Facebook (a news “Stream” based on status updates and shared content, recommended friends, etc.), with some unique features for organization and interaction. Your connections on Google+ are organized by “Circles”— where users can share content with specific groups,...
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Getting Started on Social Media: LinkedIn (4 of 5)

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LinkedIn is the most “professional” of the top social networks, and is most popular with business-to-business users and those looking for jobs. Individual users’ profiles are tantamount to an online resume (complete with recommendations and endorsements) and, like Facebook; connections between users must be confirmed by both parties. Businesses and organizations...
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